TRANS Women in Sports. Is ARROGANT Peter Boghossian TROLLING Woke Students? Mindgasms Quickie

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Newest Mindgasms Quickie on a video clip in which the philosopher, Peter Boghossian, does an atrocious job of communicating with woke students on a college campus about the controversial topic of transgender women in sports. Some of them are cringy, but he makes his own bias painfully obvious, even though he’s supposedly such an expert in hearing very radical views from disagreeable people that he literally wrote a book about it with James Lindsay, called How to Have Impossible Conversations. Boghossian invented street epistemology, which is investigating people’s knowledge claims by asking questions about them. This is like what Socrates used to do, but with average random people. However, rather than acting with wisdom, like Socrates, Boghossian is so rude and lays so many rhetorical traps that it seems like he is just either trolling, or attempting to own whiny social justice warriors. It’s not a productive conversation at all.

Mindgasms Quickie on the populist Progressive political commentator, Krystal Ball criticizing Liberal comedian/political commentator/talk show host, Bill Maher’s arguments for the RussiaGate conspiracy theories about former President Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia, which were debunked when he was impeached.

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