Squid Game: CORRUPT System TRICKS Poor People Into DEATH For FUN And PROFIT! Part 1

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Newest Mindgasms Podcast with Dusty Cubes AKA the Woke Centrist, and Chris James AKA Tubin on episodes 1–3 of season 1 of Squid Game, the new massively popular Korean Netflix show. It’s about a shady corporation who tricks desperate poor people with massive debt into consenting to playing a game against others in the same situation. They have to avoid the high possibility of being murdered during the game in order to perhaps be able to pay off their debts.

Check out my last Mindgasms Movie Chat with Tubin and the Woke Centrist on Blade, the 1998 action horror starring Wesley Snipes, Stephen Dorff and Kris Kristofferson. Wesley Snipes plays Blade, the human/vampire hybrid whose mother was bitten and killed by a vampire. He is known as the Daywalker because he can walk in the sunlight, has all of the vampire strengths like the enhanced ability to heal, and none of their weaknesses, other than the thirst for blood. He has been hunting vampires since a human vampire slayer named Whistler took him in when he found him as homeless, scavenging teenage vampire hybrid. Blade rescues a woman bitten by a vampire named Quinn, who is loyal to Frost, a powerful human-born vampire who the Daywalker has been tracking for a long time. Frost has been working on organizing a coup d’etat against the noble pureblood vampires, who were born that way and were never human. He’s also been figuring out how to attempt to resurrect an evil vampire god. Can Blade stop Frost before he takes control of the vampires, becomes all-powerful, and destroys the human race?

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