Spartans Were PEDOPHILES! Was it WRONG? Foucault, Jordan Peterson, James Lindsay History, SEXUALITY

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Newest Mindgasms Quickie about the history behind the famous Spartan warrior culture of the ancient Greek empire’s ritualized practice of what we would now see today as pedophilia. I apply this to the French Post-Structuralist philosopher named Michel Foucault’s argument in his book, “The History of Sexuality.” This is that many sexual practices and orientations declared by modern Enlightenment Institutions of science and religion as abnormal sins and medical flaws, including pedophilia and homosexuality, were widely accepted and precticed by most societies thorughout the majority of human history. Contrary to popular misconceptions of many public intellectualls who demonize so-called Postmodernism, like Jordan Peterson and James Lindsay, this certainly did not mean that Foucault was justifying or defending pedophilia.

Check out my last Mindgasms Book Review on rule 3 of the famous public intellectual/clinical psychologist, Jordan Peterson’s newest book called Beyond Order. This is the sequel to his “12 Rules for Life.” Apparently 12 weren’t enough, so he came up with 12 more rules. I’m not a big fan of the first book, but I like this one a little more. It has some rules that make a lot of sense, and others that are dumb. This third rule is in the former category for me. It is “Do not hide unwanted things in the fog.” Like most of Peterson’s rules that are actually good, the meaning is obvious. Don’t hide your feelings. Supressing them is unhealthy, so you should be honest about them. Of course, he ties this into his broader Christian religious message in a way that is really reaching. Also, this rule is actually more about speaking out against what he labels as woke “Postmodern Neo-Marxist” social justice warriors whining about gender pronouns on college campuses. Free speech is all well and good, but Peterson is extremely hyperbolic about this supposed threat.

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