SOCIALIST Ben Burgis DEBUNKS James Lindsay, Jordan Peterson, IDW On CRT, Postmodernism W. LOGIC!

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Newest Mindgasms Podcast with the philosopher and Socialist podcaster/political commentator, Ben Burgis on misinformation that public intellectuals like James Lindsay, Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin and members of the Intellectual Dark Web have been spreading about philosophy. We discuss James Lindsay and Dave Rubin demonizing particularly CRT lately, along with Postmodernism, Critical Theorists from the Frankfurt School, every kind of Marxism, and lumping them all together as a supposed evil woke ideology. Ben and I also talk about Jordan Peterson having countless times almost made a career out of conflating wokeness with Postmodernism, along with his profound ignorance about Marxism shown in his debate with Slavoj Zizek. We get into the intellectual laziness, dishonesty, and lack of knowledge displayed in public intellectuals who claim that all of these separate academic realms of thought are connected in one coherent and consistent ideology, as well. Fringe, whiny, purple-haired social justice activists tend to be equally misinformed and intellectually lazy, which makes the problem worse by appearing to legitimize the strawmans of people like Lindsay and Peterson. We also discuss the fact that philosophical and political schools of thought such as Posmodernism, critical race theory, critical theory and Marxism contain some worthwhile or at least interesting ideas, as well as why it’s a problem to poison the well of controversial and supposedly dangerous philosophers.

Check out my last Mindgasms Podcast with Tubin AKA Chris James and the Woke Centrist AKA Dusty Cubes about critical race theory, COVID-19 vaccine mandates and systemic racism. Dusty and I have been researching and reading academic CRT books lately. This has resulted in us often criticizing public intellectuals like James Lindsay, Dave Rubin, Jordan Peterson, along with members of the Intellectual Dark Web for spreading misinformation about it. Chris disagrees with us and doesn’t see what the fuss is all about, so we explain and debate about critical race theory. We also discuss the COVID vaccine mandates that some places are instituting, our positions on them, as well as whether they’re systemically racist.

Mindgasms Podcast with Jared Bauer, creator of the popular Youtube channel, Wisecrack. It’s all about philosophy as explored through popular culture, like movies, TV shows and video games. Jared has his own new channel now. He and I discuss/debate the complexities of many terms that public intellectuals like James Lyndsay, Jordan Peterson, Helen Pluckrose and members of the so-called Intellectual Dark web have been often mentioning. These include the debatable levels of similarities and differences between Critical Race Theory, Postmodernism, Critical Theory, the Frankfurt School, Marxism, wokeness, social justice warriors, authoritarians, and political violence.

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