Should CRT Be BANNED? Are COVID Vaccine Mandates Systemically RACIST? Mindgasms Podcast

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Tubin AKA Chris James and the Woke Centrist AKA Dusty Cubes are back to talk about critical race theory, COVID-19 vaccine mandates and systemic racism. Dusty and I have been researching and reading academic CRT books lately. This has resulted in us often criticizing public intellectuals like James Lindsay, Dave Rubin, Jordan Peterson, along with members of the Intellectual Dark Web for spreading misinformation about it. Chris disagrees with us and doesn’t see what the fuss is all about, so we explain and debate about critical race theory. We also discuss the COVID vaccine mandates that some places are instituting, our positions on them, as well as whether they’re systemically racist.

Check out my last Mindgasms Podcast with the Woke Centrist. Dusty and I recently read a textbook on Critical Race Theory that is simply called “Critical Race Theory: An Introduction.” CRT has been a popular topic in the news lately, and is often being discussed by people like James Lindsay, Helen Pluckrose, Dave Rubin, Jordan Peterson and other members of the so-called Intellectual Dark Web. Pluckrose and Lindsay wrote a book about critical theory, critical race theory and so-called postmodernism relatively recently, called Cynical Theories. We discuss how these public intellectuals have been going around fear-mongering about and demonizing CRT, as well as spreading misinformation about it. We explain exactly what they’re getting wrong, and get into the much more complex details and history of it. Also, we talk about the importance of investigating the boogeyman when it comes to seemingly dangerous and radical ideas. We cover why it’s a huge problem to misrepresent and demonize interesting and controversial philosophers, as well.

Check out my last Mindgasms Podcast with Tubin and the Woke Centrist on the recent news that Joe Rogan got COVID-19, hasn’t been vaccinated, and is taking the highly controversial medication called Ivermectin for it. We also get into Dr. Rhonda Patrick going into various studies in detail on Rogan’s podcast, and thoroughly debunking Bret Weinstein’s claims supported by doctors that the COVID vaccine is supposedly dangerous, and that Ivermectin is a highly effective prophylactic treatment for it. Alex Jones breaking up with Trump over the latter promoting the vaccine at one of his rallies is covered as well. We talk about warmongers getting all butt hurt over Joe Biden’s admittedly poor execution of ending the 20 year war in Afghanistan too.

Check out my playlist with every Mindgasms Podcast so far:

Check out my playlist with every Mindgasms Podcast so far: