Mindgasms Podcast: Sean McCoy: Trump, Coronavirus, Mixed Mental Arts, Religion

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Sean McCoy from the Come to the Table Podcast is here to talk about subjects like Mixed Mental Arts and religion. We also discuss Trump, Coronavirus, politics in general, along with the importance of trying to understand different worldviews, examine our own, and allow this pandemic to bring us all together:

Here’s the last episode with Tim that Sean mentioned, about Richard Rorty’s thoughts on liberal irony, solidarity, the contingency of truth and language, social hope, metaphysics, relativism, Derrida, literature, poetry and intellectuals. This is Pragmatism and Richard Rorty 6:

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Here’s the last episode with Shane Kennedy, who I mentioned, with Tim, about radical orthodoxy, Heidegger’s concepts of Ontotheology and Being, psychedelics, Kant’s concept of transcendentalism, God, the sublime, rationalism, militant atheists, agnosticism, skepticism and Pragmatism. This is Postmodern Theology 6:

Check out my playlist with every episode of Postmodern Theology with Shane, Tim, Max and others so far:

Here’s the last episode with Hayden, who I mentioned, and James Sullivan, about Postmodernism, Pragmatism, religion, theology and Stoicism:



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