Jordan Peterson BANNED From Twitter! Elliot Page’s Transition Doctor is “CRIMINAL”? Foucault

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2 min readJul 2, 2022

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Newest Mindgasms Quickie on the internet famous clinical psychologist, Jordan Peterson recently getting suspended from Twitter because he said that the actor, Elliot Page, who used to be Ellen Page, getting his breats removed means cutting his tits off, and that the transition doctor is literally somehow a criminal. I try looking at this from the perspective of my favourite Post-Structuralist philosopher/historian, Foucault, in terms of his opinons on sexuality in his book called The History of Sexuality.

Mindgasms Quickie about the journalist and right-wing activist, James O’Keefe from his organization called Project Veritas, recently smearing the left-wing philosopher, writer, podcaster and political commentator, Ben Burgis by accusing him of deceptive editing to hide his racism. This is related to a clip that Burgis showed on his channel from Project Veritas, which apparently showed a teacher using the N word, but Burgis supposedly edited that part out. O’Keefe and people who work for him released a video on Project Veritas in which they ambushed him with bunch of cameras at the recent Minds Festival of Ideas, accusing Burgis of editing the teacher using the N word out of the clip because he is racist. As usual, O’Keefe used manipulative and disingeuous tactics to innacurately smear Ben Burgis’s character, presumably so he himself could make a lot of money from his vdeo getting over 100 000 views.

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