James Lindsay BANNED From Twitter for Life! “OK, Child SEXUALIZATION Specialist.” AKA Trans GROOMERS

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Newest Mindgasms Quickie on the former mathematician, professional cherry-picker and mangler of philosophy, James Lindsay recently getting permanently banned from Twitter for referring to trans people and trans activists as groomers and “child sexualization specialists.” According to him, Twitter changed the rules so that you are not allowed to call trans people or trans activists groomers. He has been an asshole to people for the sake of being an asshole, implying or directly saying that trans activists are pedophiles who are grooming children to convert them to be trans. Once he found out that he can’t refer to them as groomers any more, he started calling them child sexualization specialists. I personally don’t think that he should have been banned because in my opinion, people should have the right to be complete assholes on social media, but it sounds like him being an incessant bully is what led to his ban.

Mindgasms Quickie criticism of the former mathematician and professional mangler of philosophy, James Lindsay’s video called “A Social Contract for the New World Order,” in which he literally spews the whacko “great reset” conspiracy theory in connection to his endless strawmanning of the usual suspescts. These include Critical Theory, Critical Race Theory, the Frankfurt School, Postmodernism, Marxism, etc.

Playlist with every Mindgasms Quickie so far:



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