Isaac Asimov: Can A.I. EVOLVE To Stop DESTRUCTION Of Universe? The Last Question, The Last Answer

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Newest Mindgasms Book Club Chat with the Woke Centrist on two short stories by the famous classic science fiction author named Isaac Asimov, called The Last Question, and The Last Answer. The first one is about a supercomputer called Multivac, which is asked if it’s possible to reverse the entropy of the universe, and prevent its ultimate destruction through heat death. Throughout billions of years, as human beings extend our lifespan, colonize planets, and eventually create our own stars, Multivac designs new versions of itself, which are continuously asked the same question. Trillions of years after the first Multivac was created, can its final evolved descendant figure out not only whether it’s possible to prevent the end of the universe, but how to do so? Can it solve this problem before it’s too late? Asimov’s story called The Last Answer is the sequel to The Last Question. In it, a mathematician dies and goes to the afterlife, which is neither Heaven nor Hell, and has somehow been created by Multivac. Is life after death all that it’s cracked up to be?

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