If You Were TRAPPED by ZOMBIES in a Locked Room With a Gun and 1 Bullet, Would You KILL Yourself?

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I was thinking about this thought experiment: If you were trapped by zombies in a locked room with a gun and only 1 bullet, would you kill yourself? It would be the most logical and rational choice, but I think that for most people, the sheer will to survive would overpower what makes the most sense. If it were me, I think that I would shoot one zombie, then use the gun as a club to try to kill the rest of them, even if I ended up dying alone from starvation in that locked room because I could never get out after I killed the zombies. What would you do? Tell me in the comments:

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Check out my Quickie, on the fascinating way that Christopher Nolan’s new movie called Tenet explores the philosophical concepts of free will, determinism and compatibilism in the science fiction realm. One aspect of compatibilism that Nolan seems to promote through the film is the claim that free will and determinism can be compatible and even complement each other. They are not incompatible, as both determinists and advocates of free will argue. So, the message that I see conveyed in the movie is that we create our present and future by using our free will to make decisions, even though their outcomes are predetermined. Yet in spite of this, free will is essential for fulfilling our destinies. This is because the future only becomes predetermined by us using our free will that will lead to some outcomes rather than others. However, the decisions that we are going to make are predetermined. But the predetermined events only occur if we make choices, If we just lay in bed and do nothing, possibly making no decisions, then what we are going to do changes. Our predetermined actions change based on our free will. Yet, our destiny is always our destiny. Our destiny is manifested through our free will by our predetermined actions. This is a fascinating paradox that Christopher Nolan and the other filmmakers explore in the film through mind-blowing science fiction concepts like time travel.:

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