Gardens of the Moon Spoiler-Free REVIEW: Demons, DRAGONS, Killers & MAGIC! Malazan Book 1: Mindgasms

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Newest Mindgasms Book Review on Gardens of the Moon, the first entry in the Malazan Book of the Fallen grim/dark epic fantasy series, by Steven Erikson. These are notoriously confusing and complex, yet well-loved novels by many hardcore fantasy nerds. I stay away from spoilers in this video, focusing on the characters along with the fascinating magic system and awesome fantasy creatures.

Mindgasms Podcast with my feloow fantasy nerds, Mask AKA Tristram and the Woke Centrist AKA Dusty. We review and discuss season 1 of the new Lord of the Rings Show, called The Rings of Power. Is it as woke and terrible as a lot of people claim? Does it butcher J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth Lore?

Playlist with every Mindgasms Podcast so far:

Mindgasms Book Review on a novel about vampires by George R.R. Martin called Fevre Dream, which is about vampires. Martin wrote the Song of Ice and Fire series, along with the book called Fire and Blood, on which the Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon TV shows are based. Fevre Dream is about a steamboat captain in the American south during the 1700s who takes on a vampire as one of his passengers, assuming that he’s human.

Playlist with every Mindgasms Book Review so far:



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