Do NOT Let Canadian Youtube CENSORSHIP Bill C-11 Pass! Mindgasms Quickies

Newest Mindgasms Quickie about the alarming bill called Bill C-11 that has been proposed, which would severely censor Canadian Youtubers in a wide variety of ways. Views will be suppressed by the algorithm if your content is not Canadian enough, you show a trailer for a new movie, you’re not favourable enough to marginalized groups of people, etc. Please sign the petition linked below to help prevent this bill from being passed.

Here is Bill C-11

Mindgasms Quicke reaction to the internet famous clinical psychologist, Jordan Peterson’s recent appearance on his daughter, Mikhaila Peterson’s podcast. He doubled down on his claims that the slighlty fat sports illustrated swimsuit model being on the cover is a manipulative lie that is deliberately trying to break down supposedly universal traditional western protestant Christan values.



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