Did Trump Incite RIOTS? Should the Free Speech of NAZIS Be Protected? WTF Happened?Mindgasms

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Newest Mindgams Movie Chat with Reid Nicewonder, and Nathan from the Abstract Activist Youtube street epistemology Youtube channel, on the documentary called Mighty Ira. This is about a former ACLU president who got famous for supporting the Civil Rights Movement, then became infamous for defending the free speech of Nazis and KKK members who were holding protests. We discuss whether the freedom of speech of people widely regarded as morally reprehensible should be defended, and whether violence is ever justified against anyone for their ideas. We apply these concepts to the terrible riots and armed Trump supporters who stormed the Washington D.C. capitol yesterday, which led to a woman getting killed. Did Trump incite riots? Will he be legally prosecuted for this and for crimes related to his claims of election fraud? Will he be impeached? If so, will he be removed from office? What the fuck happened? We talk about all of these questions:

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Check out my Newest Mindgasms Quickie about the breaking terrible news that happened yesterday, which is that Trump supporters stormed the Washington DC capitol building, and a woman got killed. As far as I know right now, most of them were unarmed, but some had weapons. Also, the identity of the woman who got killed is unclear. It could have been a cop, security guard, or member of the military, or it could have been one of the Trump supporters. This obviously is tremendously fucked up, and perhaps historically unprecedented. It’s phenomenally dumb of Trump too because it drummed up bipartisan support for confirming Joe Biden’s win as the American President, and played right into anti-Trumpers’ hands. The only possible silver lining is that, as is anything associated with Trump, this horrible event appears to have been spontaneous, was very unorganized, and not planned out at all:

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Check out my Newest Mindgasms Movie Chat with Scazio A.K.A. Sheezan Alamgir, Chris James and the Woke Centrist about Snowpiercer, directed by Bong Joon-Ho, who directed Parasite, the 2019 academy award-winning Korean film about class struggle. Snowpiercer stars Chris Evans A.K.A. Captain America and is about a climate change solution that backfires and causes an apocalypse, chilld slave labour and cannibalism, which leads to a theocratic dictatorship on a train that bears the last human survivors perpetually around the train tracks on our frozen world. The lower class people at the back of the train rebel against the control of the theocratic rich people with a class war. We discuss the multiple moral and philosophical aspects of the film, the fascinating science fiction concepts, and awesome violent battles with guns, axes and clubs. Also, we talk about the interesting ambiguous parts that are open to interpretation in several different directions, plot holes, speculate about the details of how the train could have been kept running, how they provided food, dealt with and/or recycled waste, and rate the movie in comparison to Parasite: