Cynical Theories James Lindsay & Helen Pluckrose are WRONG! Foucault, Postcolonialism, Postmodernism

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1 min readOct 26, 2022


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Newest Mindgasms Book Review on Chapter 3 of the book called Cynical Theories, by the former mathematician and professional mangler of philosophy named James Lindsay, along with the Journalist, Helen Pluckrose. Cynical Theories draws all sorts of totally fictional connections between woke social justice warriors and multiple realms of philosophy. These include Postmodernism, Marxism, Critical Theory and plenty of others. Chapter 3 focuses on the false claim that Post-Colonialism is a narrowing of Postmodernism.

Mindgasms Book Review that is part 2 of my series on Cynical Theories, the massive dump of misinformation by the mathematician, James Lindsay and the journalist, Helen Pluckrose on demonized subjects like Postmodernism, Critical Theory, Critical Race Theory, Marxism, etc. In this video, I correct all the ridiculous nonsense they say in chapter 2 about specifically Postmodernism’s supposed connection to social justice, along with incredibly hyperbolic and innacurate claims about the apparent dangers of Derrida’s deconstruction.

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