CORRUPT War Criminal Biden’s Neoliberalism TOOK Bumbling Narcissist Trump’s FAKE Populist Crown!

Philosophy Bro
2 min readJan 10, 2021

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The Woke Centrist and Chris James are back to talk about the recent American election. We discuss Joe Biden barley squeaking out a win, Trump being a sore loser, and whether the former’s presidency will be much better than the latter. Also, we get into Biden’s Neoliberal policies, him being a corrupt war criminal, along with Trump’s fake populism, him being a narcissist, but governing like a traditional Republican. We also talk about the few good aspects of both, along with the rampant and extreme tribalism in our culture right now, and how it’s dramatically accelerated by social media. We get into the problems with critical race theory as well, but also that it’s not terrible across the board, and Trump having banned it is a bad idea. However, Biden re-instituting it isn’t necessarily good either:

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Check out my last Mindgasms Quickie about how regardless of whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden becomes the President, the world will not be destroyed! We will survive. Things will be okay. There is a lot of political division in the world right now, amplified by social media. Many Biden supporters seem to think that Trump will destroy American democracy if re-elected, even though whether he did so during his first term is debatable. A lot of Trump supporters seemed to have similar views about what will occur if Biden becomes the president. They appear to believe that Biden wil destroy American democracy, prosecute and harm Conservatives, and turn the country into a socialist state. In my opinion, both candidates are awful. However, regardless of who is elected, the world will survive. BIden would likely be a standard politician. He has done and will do copious bad things, but also some good things. The same applies to Trump. He is perhaps worse than Biden, but Biden is still awful. Yet, neither even WANTS to destroy America and/or the world, in spite of Biden’s record and Trump’s ego:

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