Christian VS Atheist DEBATE! Are ABORTION & Masterbation MURDER? Mindgasms Podcast

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Newest Mindgasms Debate with my Orthodox Christian friend, Shane Kennedy, about whether abortion is murder because it interferes with God’s plan, and whether masterbation is also murder for the same reason.

Mindgasms Podcast with my friends Perker and Shane Kennedy about psychedelics and religion. Parker has joined many podcasts, book chats and a debate with me. Shane is an Orthodox Christian. Both are huge Jordan Peterson fans, while I am fairly critical of some of his views on certain subjects like philosophy and religion. Parker and I have used psychedelics and had transcendent experiences with them. We talk about how they feel religious, the history of ritual psychedelic use as religious sacraments, along with how Jordan Peterson is far from the first person who has looked at them in a religious way. We also discuss what both psychedelics and religion can make us contemplate about consciousness and God, whether religion is required for transcendence, along with whether institutions are required for religion. What does transencendce through psychedelics mean for the belief in a god, and atheism? We get into how Jordan Peterson proclaiming that no one is an atheist relies on his own personal and incredibly broad definition of God as well, along with what these terms in addition to religion mean in relation to psychedelics.

Playlist with every Mindgasms Podcast so far:

Playlist with every Mindgasms Debate so far:



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