Children of Dune: Game of Thrones in SPACE! Blind Messiah, Witches, POSSESSION, Drugs. Dune 3

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Newest Mindgasms Book Club Chat with the Woke Centrist AKA Dusty Cubes AKA Dustin Cubit on Children of Dune, the third novel in the original classic sci-fi fantasy Dune series by Frank Herbert. We compare it to the first two, along with discussing the time jump, world building, old and new characters with common struggles.

Mindgasms Book Club Chat with Parker and the Woke Centrist AKA Dusty Cubes AKA Dustin Cubit on Dune Messiah, the second in the original series by Frank Herbert. Various factions conspire, scheme, manipulate and murder to take control of the intergalactic empire from Paul Atreides, a duke who became a God and fulfilled the Fremen prophecy. Even the power of prescience that Paul AKA Maud’ Dib gains from the spice called melange, which comes from the planet Arrakis, does not allow him to see what happens for certain in the future. All that he can know is every possible outcome. He cannot be sure about which one will definitely occur. So, he still has to figure out the best path for success to avoid all of his enemies plans for taking away his power. His dead friend and body guard named Duncan Idaho comes back as a ghola, which is a clone made of biological material. One of the people schemeing against him is trying to get him to produce an heir with the descendant of the former ruler of the empire, from House Corrino rather than Atriedes. Paul’s Fremen wife named Chani wants him to have a child with her as well. Who will win the game for power, control of the spice on planet Arrakis, and the intergalactic empire?

Check out my playlist with every Book Club Chat that I’ve done so far with Dusty, Tristram and Parker:



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