Bret Weinstein Thinks Conspiracies Existing Means EVIL Cabal FORCED Biden Military Vaccine Mandates?

Philosophy Bro
1 min readDec 8, 2022

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Newest Mindgasms Quickie on a debate between the internet famous biologist, Bret Wienstein and the author, Robert Wright. They argue about Weinstein’s conspiratorial claim that an evil cabal of foreign actors influenced American President, Joe Biden’s military to have vaccine mandates during the pandemic.

Mindgasms Quicikie on the Conservative pundit, Ben Shapiro’s video in which he approves of the famous billionaire, Elon Musk using his new power of owning Twitter to unban former American President, Donald Trump. I comment on the video, and mostly agree with Shapiro in spite of the fact that I almost always disagree with his takes.

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